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September 4, 2019
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United States Minor Outlying Islands

It doesn't really matter, it's sucks they are in the situation but it does not give you a right to trample over others to break rules. Jagex has the right to make it and anybody would do it if it meant survival (no one would starve over promoting runescape gold) but you are liable for your actions. Should you break your account and the rules becomes terminated that is only a part of the game you're playing with OSRS gold. So I don't believe an exception should be made.Interesting that he was not willing to discuss what the cut ratio is between him and the employee. I'd definitely still think about this manipulation when the owners are taking over 50%. Indeed it is supposedly giving them an chance to earn decent money but the very fact that he was not willing to share the% cut likely means that the owners are benefiting much more for just giving the service.

I cringed when he started talking about how he began the service to provide an opportunity for those in need, like his primary motivation was not self-gain in the start.There's a lot of douchebaggery I see at Runescape from gamers dwelling in 1st worlds scaremongering around Venezuelans and thinking little of it, however I know the sort of situation they are in and dont fuss over it.And if Jagex bans some of em it's pretty much their match so naturally they could do that.I just do not care to stop their means of making a living. That's far different from men and women in 1st worlds that bot and scam or account share for sheer pleasure.I do not reside in Venezuela, but I do live in a 3rd world nation. I just need to add that the financial situation in Venezuela is worse than where I reside (Nicaragua).

The 1 thing to keep in mind and I dislike gold or robots farmers myself but, its keeping people off the streets. Only a quick example, since the political situation here in Nicaragua got worse, the crime rate has skyrocketed to where you can't walk on the streets without needing to look over your shoulder each 30 seconds. I guess all I can say is, I am very blessed for the job I've got, but its one of the things where folks don't really understand what another is going through because they aren't in other shoes.

Jagex has banned every account I've made on OSRS for botting/macro use and because I can't allure the bans & do not want to continue making new accounts over and over due to this, they have lost my company a paying member and a longtime player since 2005... all I have are these YouTube videos until they decide to eventually get their shit together and actually ban the bots instead of actual players such as me.Here is why purchasing cheap rs3 gold is indeed amazing work full time have a spouse have kids doesn't leave a great deal of extra time to spend 100 hours at raids if a petty $50 can obtain what you're trying to get I'm not saying go all out and max out credit cards to receive the very best in slot cuz that will entirely take away the whole point of this game but a bump in the right way is never a bad thing.

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