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August 16, 2019
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I'll be quite happy if classic wow classic gold takes off, particularly as it might imply official BC and wratch servers, which I'd personally prefer, but I dont honestly think this will work, the people already playing the private servers will probably prefer to stay on their servers, only coming to classic with drive basically, and the remainder of people I dont honestly believe will play for any period of time, WoW Classic failed shift, yes, but do you understand what changed allot more than WoW Classic?


 The player base.we grew up, WoW Classic was a phenomena, even if you're there that was an impressive thing, however only releasing an older server is not going to bring back the magic, you cant flavor chocolate for the first time .


Sharding was the oddest thing about the demonstration. Because your HP was low from the fighting you could be killing some defias, then poof they vanish before you can loot them , and suddenly you're surrounded by fresh ones onto a shard that aggro to you and kill you. 


This also happens in BFA and it makes me want to punch my monitor that is fucking and gold in wow classic uninstall WoW Classic. I spent murdering a tough infrequent as it had been at 2% health and it pulled me into a new stage. I really don't want them to use sharding for the very first month at the beginning zones, however if they start using it beyond that in Classic, then I will not play WoW Classic. A server that is personal could be a fun experience.

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