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August 12, 2019
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If you're preserving an cheap wow classic gold old painting, even though unfinished, you do not produce a digital version of the painting, then you take the paint and canvas and revitalize it.


 In the same way, WoW Classic resembles a classic painting, it has charm in part as it had imperfections as well as masterfully crafted adventures. Allow it to be authentic and let new WoW Classic play the adjustments they would like to experiment with. Preserve the first for its validity and nostalgia.


 MMO's are meant to be played together not seperately. You can make the argument for lfg. Why is it more convenient right? It was a jump fire before right? But do not alter it, since you lose something when you take away all the roadblocks to success. Let it be raw, and let's play with it unstreamlined but much more fun, like that!


Ok, so once you want to play make sure you simulate the old queue and buy wow vanilla gold wait an hour in. Additionally anytime you disconnect. You have lost your mind if you think actually hundreds of people clogging everything position on vendors camping all of the quest dinosaurs and lagging everything(actual pleasure! masterfully crafted!) . You are essentially asking them to cripple because you don't care, or perhaps you're lonely. People today want to play with what little time they've, and progress. Most of us you see will quit in a month anyways.

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