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August 5, 2019
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Set to present an all-new level of Fut 20 Coins ability players can achieve more power and precision on every shot, giving a much higher chance of scoring every shot at goal to players.


Mastering this mechanic will not be easy, so it is highly suggested that the mechanic once the ball is coming onto the participant is just used by novices. It's worth remembering however that using the shooting mechanic while dribbling is quite powerful and should be utilized when not timing your shot. It's also highly recommended since it will in most cases count as a regular shooter, that if you can't perfect the timing of this new mechanic, you must aim more towards a late shot. Whereas, shooting early may lead to shots and balls .


Playing down the wing is my go to playing fashion and one that I have managed to master over the years in cheap FIFA Coins 20. However, playing the wing down may often be quite tricky, especially when you're faced with an opponent that's blocking your cross and hot on your heels. 


A fantastic way to confuse your competition though is to execute a fake pass (press square and then X), this can throw off your competitor and provide you time and room to finish your cross.


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