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July 26, 2019
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United Kingdom

Get a team together and visit opposite faction city or wow classic gold buy town and begin messing around. You'll be surprised (or not) at the outcome. We moved and began out battles and wars by messing with towns, etc.. That was more entertaining than WoW Classic to us, and clearly it had been to those of the opposing faction, because no one would have begun to fight us. PvP to us Vanilla wasn't all about honor/rep/etc, it had been about murdering the Alliance. 


FOR THE HORDE!? Thanks for another fantastic movie Tips, always like to hear your view. I will say, I am very happy that they are using the 1.12 version.


I don't remember a single individual back in classic which has been just like"Oh yeah, I love WoW Classic taking 12+ hours each game", it's something that people simply look back fondly because nothing like it has been around since.


I remember everybody back then complaining about how long suits required, and light's hope gold taking into the forums, hence the several alterations. It's just kinda funny to hear all the complaints from people today, it is almost like no matter what decision Blizzard makes, half the neighborhood will complain.


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