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July 9, 2019
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Lost Ark appears the 2nd half drawbacks can easily be changed out of beta, the only real downsides are the Lost Ark Gold Gender lock that playing Korean games I'm use to and also the Korean/Anime things which tbh I would not really care about since Lost Ark's a dream thing.

Everything Sure Americans KKona folks have a tendency to like this EU/Medieval shLost Ark but I am tired of Lost Ark always being the baseline for American matches. I really don't understand why Americans dislike a arcade style and such as the Medieval/EU things Lost Ark's not even an American styled them, if you wished to go to enjoy American style Lost Ark will be revolutionary warfare styled (which can also be BrLost Arkish) or Native American. NA does not have. Maybe cowboy? But even then that is lLost Arkerally. Theme's sole contribution NA has made was possibly Steampunk? But Lost Ark is a combo of BrLost Arkish Victorian era wLost Arkh Wild West.

I really don't follow you nor am I subscribed to you on any platform. However, I do find you hilarious when I watch your some of your movies (that are very long might I add lol), I like how your quite open to new items for the most part and not adhered into a one sided thoughts when sort of workout. For cheap Lost Ark Gold instance the whole"Pros" and"Cons" was fine to see between the positive and negative of a match I know lLost Arktle about. Overall video that is great and also thank you. This is. And I can tell you that clearly I am not a long time contributor or a hardcore enthusiast, YET I whatched the entire video and followed through.

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