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February 6, 2020
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From what I could tell, not much had changed in wow classic gold my personality's build; my DPS spinning was exactly the same as it's in Battle for Azeroth. But we are a year from launch, and previous expansions have instructed us that plenty of that small things can and will change in the forthcoming months.


As always, however, Blizzard really delivered to the art front. Bastion is striking, with large, beautiful skies, banners virtually waving in the end, and intriguing characters, like a humanoid, owl-like race which occupies the zone. Blizzard artists told me that they intend to support RTX raytracing, in addition to new kinds of real-time lighting, at the expansion. I'm surprised by how good modern WoW looks on a high-end PC nowadays, since it originally came out in 2004, and it resembles that job will continue.


Since this was an early questing experience rather than an endgame one, I did not find much awareness of how Covenants--Shadowlands' new Order Hall, Garrison, or War Campaign-like systems--work. Neither did I have a lot time to dive to the narrative, though I saw enough to understand that, if you like the taste of this recent WoW expansions, you will probably like this one, also. But the most fascinating thing Blizzard is altering wasn't a part of my demo.


Frankly, the aspect of Shadowlands I am most excited about is that an overhaul of the buy classic wow gold leveling system--something which wasn't part of this demonstration in a significant way. This type of breaks the rules of a hands-on informative article, but I need to take an chance to talk about it and why I think it's interesting, regardless, since it came up in my interview with WoW programmers.

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