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December 8, 2019
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Antigua and Barbuda

Everything in Mut 20 coins franchise style feels exactly the same because nothing unexpected can or does occur. The situation engine is a great beginning, but it needs to apply to more than RB's and WRs. Whether an offensive lineman has not given up a sack in, say, 8 matches, provide him the breakout Madden player option. There has to be a ton more ways to make XP. Add real life awards like rookie of the week, rookie of the month, Madden player of the month, special teams Madden player of the week, etc.


Add a greatest End award so they can be improved upon more. After all of year awards provide something like quadruple the XP that they do for Madden players beneath 85 overall. I on't want to watch him the season if Kevin King wins DB. I like the confidence system, but I think that it will be very cool if a Madden players assurance in the end of a year secured in as their new general, both good and bad. Do not discontinue XP growth according to age, base it. The aforementioned Darren Waller and adam Thielen were 26 within their breakout season.


They wouldn't have been able to do that in Madden, which is crazy. Add at least more trade spots in order that if you team is one end piece away from competing, you can mortgage the potential. Change focus Madden players to focus positions so that you can enhance a unit complete and not have to leave as a lot of your draft picks out. Winning a Super Bowl would feel much more rewarding if EA would just go a step further in allowing every franchise. I really feel like this isn't the case, Since right now.


I think in regards to franchise style, we have to search for buy Madden 20 coins baby steps off of EA. Co-ordinators are amazing who would come in with their own strategy. And how familiar Madden players are with that scheme. Like Madden players would get a penalty to features unless they have 100% understanding together with the strategy and Madden players get a couple of percentage weekly during coaching.

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