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November 7, 2019
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That's the"lesson" EA learned with all the FIFA Mobile Coins Battlefront II fiasco: rather than implementing a different model or eliminating MTX entirely, they just launch the game with themearn some good press, and present loot boxes afterwards, so they can milk the suckers which were fooled and stuck with the game.

 Also, that along with the hilariously named"grind currency" (working name ) are only related to FIFA 20's single player style - the effort, if you will. The main competitive mode, Ultimate Team, remains riddled with MTX. No alterations.


They won't alter it because people will always get the game and then spend hundreds, some thousands on Cheap FIFA Coins Ultimate Team money within half a year.If I am correct, FIFA Ultimate Team is the most lucrative micro-transaction formula, and It's been only that successful since 2012. It makes them more money than actual game sales.


They've been stalling advancement for the base game and general gameplay for decades aside from the addition of story mode, It is since them do anything for game modes like Pro Clubs, online seasons and career style does not stop people from not buying the game. For me it is criminal they even charge $60 for the base game. With the changes they create and their attention on Ultimate Team, it ought to be either $30 or free to perform .


And those who buy this shit does not do. Games must be at least a little addictive and enjoyabletell me can you play them? And if you believe gameplay doesn't matter now, you're playing games kid that is incorrect. Sure they are dumb, but they're the victims . And there's still skill based games. Mordhau and other indie titles and I play now. 


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