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November 1, 2019
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It's important to Kamas Dofus Retro specify that a piece of gear can be had only once on every monster in precisely the exact same fight. A monster could nevertheless win several different gear to the Dofus players of the struggle. Significantly, the gear related to event content (kits of Vulkania, Halouine and the Island of Nowel) can't be obtained on monsters that don't belong to those specific contents. Items that are legendary also seem to be a part of and can obviously be obtained.


Monsters' families will be classified in increments of 10 degrees up to 190. A slice is going to be Buy Dofus Kamas committed to one slice for the level 200 and eventually the amounts 191 to 199. With this time, the multipliers of experience on the figures or occasion bonuses won't be active. 


So you will leave on classic bases as any fresh Dofus player even if you start characters on such servers. In order to focus on the primary objective that is given into the Dofus players, the Kolizéum will probably be disabled, so it will not be possible to recover Kolizétons and recover the related benefits in this manner.


Many decorative rewards await the Dofus gamers: harnesses, objects (gear, pets and mountiliers) of pageantry or titles. If you figure out how to unlock them, these can be transferred at the conclusion of the season into the server of your choice. 


For this season successes dedicated to Temporis servers will probably be set in place. Dofus players have had the opportunity to rub shoulders during an event with this novelty . These ephemeral successes will make it possible for you, among other things, to unlock the rewards. We don't know yet the details about those successes, what they will ask to realize etc.. It will be necessary to wait for the opening of those servers on January 29th to understand it!


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