The history on the growth of tempered glass:

The improvement of tempered glass dates back to the mid-17th century. There was a King of Rhine named Robert. He had an intriguing experiment. He put a drop of molten glass in cold water and manufactured a kind of Tremendously tough glass. This high-strength granular glass is like a water drop, with a lengthy, curved tail, termed "Prince Robert Little". Then again, when the tail in the tiny grain is bent and broken, it will be surprising the total minor particle abruptly collapses abruptly as well as gets to be a fine powder.

The above approach is very much like quenching of metal, that is quenching of glass. This quenching isn't going to trigger any modify while in the composition on the glass, so it's also termed physical quenching, so the tempered glass is termed tempered glass prices.

From the 1930s, Saint-Gobain of France, Tripolix in the U.s., and Pilkington from the Uk started to produce large-area flat tempered glass for use in windshield. Japan also carried out tempered glass industrial production within the 1930s. From this world, the era of large-scale production of tempered glass began.

Following 1970, the British Toughened Glass Makers Triplex succeeded in tempering glass with a thickness of 0.75~1.5mm in liquid medium, ending the history of physical tempering rather than tempering thin glass, which is a serious breakthrough in tempered glass technology.

The historical past of China's Insulated Glass China was to begin with introduced in 1955. Shanghai Yaohua Glass Factory started trial production. In 1958, the Qinhuangdao tempered glass factory was effectively trial-produced. In 1965, Qinhuangdao Yaohua Glass Factory began to provide tempered glass for military sector. While in the 1970s, Luoyang Glass Factory to begin with introduced Belgian tempering equipment. Inside the very same period, Shenyang Glass Factory chemical tempered glass was place into manufacturing.

While in the 1970s, tempered glass technology was widely promoted and popularized around the planet. Tempered glass began to get used in the fields of automobile, building, aviation, electronics, etc., in particular in development and car.

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