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I have taken a valiant step. Even so, we also conducted a sensitivity analysis using time on study as the time axis and including attained age as a covariate in the models.Unlike in the univariable analysis, deaths due to any cause other than lung cancer were treated as censored observations in the Cox models.

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In this group of patients with resolved SH, the mean age at the last recorded visit was 6.8 1.4 y, median (range) 6.7 (3.5 whereas mean TSH was 3.6 1.9 median (range) 3.2 (1.8 No patient progressed to overt hypothyroidism (low levels of TT3 and/or FT4) during the period of observation.Positive antithyroperoxidase and antithyroglobulin antibodies were detected in 12 cases (22.6% (95% CI: 11.4 at a median (range) age of 2.8 (1.6 y.The rate of remission was significantly higher in patients without goiter (94.9 vs.

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