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It is said that the movement is the soul of mechanical watches, and the high-priced models are often the interval of the technical experience of the big-name movements. In the movement, it is the battleground for high-end watches. The top brands are the core of the watch - the movement, from the timing of the movement, the level of polishing, the shape, etc. can be said three Three days and nights. Here are two watch brands that have been recommended to you a few days ago.

Founded in 1874, the Earl has been in existence for nearly 140 years. In 1957, it successfully developed a 9P winding movement with a thickness of only 2.0 mm. The 12P automatic movement introduced in 1960 has a thickness of only 2.32 mm, which is the highest in the world. After the world record of the thin hand chain and the automatic movement, the Piaget has been rewriting many historical records.

Since there is an ultra-thin Earl movement in the thickness of the movement, who is it in terms of precise travel time? Zenith's legendary movement El Primero is the most famous movement in watchmaking history and the most accurate series of production movements in the world.

El Primero is the highest frequency automatic chronograph movement with 36,000 rpm, accurate time to 1/10 seconds, kinetic energy stored for more than 50 hours; 176 patents, 180 classic movement types, and thus developed 500 Movement style. Therefore, Zenith's chronograph has become one of the most accurate chronographs in the industry.

Speaking so much, in fact, the focus is here! I recently recommended these watches to everyone, mainly to tell everyone: dreams still have to be, in case of realizing it? Look and learn now, when you need to buy these watches, you are not afraid of being replica watches review



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