Banks typically earn money by doing everything in their power to build a customer base of depositors, this is done by offering competive services and paying attractive interest rates. These funds are then loaned to other qualified customers at which the bank charges a premium interest rate sharing a small percentage of that earned interest with the depositors. The banks in Jamaica have reached an all new low. They have fees on top of fees and yet their deposit to loan ratios are rediculously low. Do you think it is fair for a bank to charge you to deposit your money, to withdraw  your money, transfer your money, charge you a fee for not touching your money?  There are many first-world checks and balances missing in our banking industry. Our legislators need to look to our north for some first world guidence. Start with the US Community Reinvestment Act.  What our banks do to its customers amounts to robbery in my view. Whats your view??

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