The debate over marijuana, whether it is medical or for street use, has been debated off and on for many, many years now. There are many people who say it should be legalized for street use, many people who feel it should not be legalized for street use, and medical use of marijuana many people who are still on the fence. These people include everyone from the general public, to doctors and lawyers, and some of the legislators in the United States Government as well.

From a marijuana inventory tracking solution to the best way to tax it, it has been debated until it can't be debated anymore and still there has been no solution. Below you will find a few reasons that many people feel that marijuana should be legalized for street use, with or without a seed to sale tracking system.

Prohibition has Failed

Just as it did when it came to alcohol, prohibition has failed to stop the production or the use of marijuana as a recreational drug. For the last 75 years, stiff laws and penalties have been in place to prevent the use of marijuana, yet still at last estimate over 25 million people smoke annually.

Regulated Use Would Affect Teens Smoking

Believe it or not, the fact that marijuana is an illicit drug is one reason for its appeal to teenagers around the world. Between the ages of 13 and 18, kids are the most rebellious and are out to stick it to their parents in about any way possible. If marijuana were indeed legal, it would lose a lot of its appeal to the younger crowd, on top of making it harder for them to get.

Reduce the Flow of Money to Gangs

Just the fact that the flow of money would stop to international gangs is enough to bet lobbyists for the legalization of marijuana up in arms. The money could be used in America to benefit America and with seed to sale software, the profit, and tracking of the drug could be done without failure.

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