What all began from a group of friends sitting under a East Indian mango tree,  discussing how truly divided Jamaica and Jamaicans are.  We all agreed that something was needed other than events such as “The  Olympics” and “The Voice” to bring our people together in support of each other, something that lasted more than a month or a media season, something or somewhere  to display our National Pride , Our Culture, Our Diversity,  Our Talents, Our Intellect and share Our Dreams.  From this, imJAMAICAN.com was born.  

Welcome to imJAMAICAN.com  a new social network  with a mission to bring together under one domain, all things Jamaican,  100% Jamaican content.        

Our new website brings together in one venue, the look, feel and features of a Facebook, Twitter , Linkedin  type social environment, with the media features of youtube,  Instagram and Pinterest . Coupled  this with  the eCommerce online shopping  experiences of  Amazon.com,  Overstock.com and Walmart.com  just to name a few and the auction features of an  Ebay type environment and you have everything you need under one roof.

imJAMAICAN.com expands on the existing social networks, providing the basic features such as - live chat, Blogs, Forums, Wiki , photo albums, video and music sharing. In addition, by embracing  the latest technologies to provide enhanced features  like full site integration with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Yahoo, MSN, Google Plus and 8 other international networks. Import your friends and contacts,  allowing them (If You Desire) to follow your posts, free TV,  Live Radio,  video chat, News, Community Pages , Missing children advisory, member online stores,VoIP long distance, classified ads, Job Bank, employment and business services. If there has ever been one place for Jamaicans to meet to be Jamaican. Its imJAMAICAN.com

“ A Wi Place Dis”